It is possible to build a brand capable of creating a sea change in consumer behavior with advertising that is ROI positive from dollar one. This is the kind of advertising that we practice at dw+h. At its essence it is the truest form of sustainable business practice because it always produces more than it consumes. The dividend of the advertising can then be reinvested into increased media spend, which in turn generates two happy byproducts: more profit and more brand awareness.

We are not a DR company. DR companies use an ROI positive model, but they rarely build enduring brands. They are opportunistic. As such they are ultimately not sustainable. Chasing the best cost-per does not necessarily beget long-term success.

At dw+h we build enduring brands using a sustainable business model that we call ROI Positive Brand Advertising. It combines the best practices of accountability with creative that resonates with consumers. Our specialty is making brands become an iconic part of the social fabric. Of course, this is only possible when an advertiser has something worthy of such a distinction. We like those kinds of clients. It takes courage to launch a brand that requires a sea change in human behavior. Or to turn a worthy, but ailing company around. We applaud that courage in a client.

We are a fiery group of creative people and number crunchers that move heaven and earth for clients who want to create positive change for themselves and the world.